Outline of Japan Arctic Research Network Center (J-ARC Net)

  • J-ARC Net promotes advanced and interdisciplinary researches conducive to understanding environmental-human interactions and creation of new academic fields regarding sustainable utilization and preservation of Arctic region.
  • For promoting advanced and interdisciplinary jointresearches, J-ARC Net makes the best use of research infrastructures of the three research centers such as research vessels and overseas laboratories, and mediates between research communities, industries, and government offices to promote activities conducive to solve problems in Arctic region.
  • J-ARC Net nurtures personnel who have broad outlook and can lead international discussion to solve problems in Arctic region.
  • J-ARC Net disseminates the results of the above activivties effectively, and aims to increase Japanese national presence in international Arcticresearches.
(1) Supporting research communities
  • Challenging exploratory interdisiplinary joint research
    J-ARC Net supports research projects developed from Joint research meetings and Joint promotion researches , and promotes challenging exploratory interdisciplinary researches conducive to solve problems in Arctic region.
  • Joint promotion research
    J-ARC Net encourages bottom-up joint researches for researchers not only in natural sciences but also in humanities, and social and practical sciences, and those new to Arctic region.
  • Joint research meeting
    J-ARC Net provides meeting opportunities for researchers in various fields to plan research projects for Challenging exploratory interdisciplinary joint and joint promotion researchs.
(2) Promoting industry- academic-government collaboration
  • Arctic region open seminar
    J-ARC Net holds open seminars for personnel in industries and governments to provide the latest information of Arctic region in natural and social sciences, and to promote new entry to activities to solve problems in Arctic region.
  • Industry- academic-government collaboration planning meeting
    J-ARC Net provides meeting opportunities for personnel in industries and governments to disucuss problems to be solved by industry-academic-government collaboration and plan joint researches.
  • ndustry- academic-government collaboration feasibility study
    For personnel in researche s, industries and governments , J-ARC Net promotes feasibility studies to carry out problem-solving joint researches industry- academic-government collaboration.
(3) Promoting researcher nurture

For not only personnel in researche s but also in industries and governments , J-ARC Net provides a course to nurture personnel who can contribute to solve problems in Arctic region . The study course includes field courses in Arctic region such as those at Japan-Russia Joint Research Center established by Hokkaido University.

(4) Disseminating results
  • International symposium
    J-ARC Net holds international symposiums to disseminate results of activities, and invites experts to the symposium for discussion of our future activities.
  • Website
    J-ARC Net provides a website to disseminate results of activities and J-ARC Net information open to the public.


3.Prospective effects
  • Advance of interdisciplinary researches conducive to solove problems in Arctic region and creation of innovative academic fields by interdisciplinary researches.
  • Adoption of new viewpoints and technologies through interdisciplinary collaboration and creation of innovations.
  • Promotion of international collaboration through advanced and interdisciplinary researches, and expan sion of industry- academic-government Arcitc research community.
  • Creation of new industries and markets in Arctic region
  • Supply of personnel with broad outlook who can contribute solving problems in Arctic region.
  • Contribution to increase Japanese presence internationally by solving problems in Arctic region.


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