Webinar Session hosted by Moscow State University (MSU) on Dec. 13

Webinar Session hosted by Moscow State University (MSU)

Theme: Natural systems of the Arctic; studying the cutting edge of the Arctic change

Date: 13 December 2021, 10:00 MSK – 16:00 JST

Description: The Arctic environment and its population experience tremendous rapid changes at times of the climate change. International cooperation in research and education plays the important role in the process of understanding such changes which to the full extent is reflected in the Arctic Council’s Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation. Arctic stakeholders including scientists and educators are called for the active actions to enlarge the understating and knowledge about the Arctic.
This webinar is aimed at highlighting ongoing activities of the long existing bilateral Russia-Japan scientific and educational cooperation which reflects the high level of Arctic competence and collaborative environment among researchers of two countries. During this webinar we will discuss the actual research collaborations, activities and projects that exist between Japanese and Russian researchers in relation to the Arctic environment. The speakers will present their research work and will discuss the potential ideas for future collaborations.

10:00 MSK/16:00 JST – Short introduction and housekeeping message
10:05 MSK/16:05 JST – "Achievements of Arctic scientific cooperation between Japan and Russia and expectations for the future" — Professor Hiroyuki Enomoto
10:20 MSK/16:20 JST – “RISE project (Climate change resilience of Indigenous socio-ecological systems)” - Professor Tuyara Gavrilyeva
10:35 MSK/16:35 JST – “Prominent examples of scientific collaborations between Japanese and Russian research groups” - Professor Yoshihiro Iijima
10:50 MSK/16:50 JST – Dr. Alexander Saburov and Dr. Anna Trofimova, Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Arkhangelsk, Russia
11:05 MSK/17:05 JST – “Japan-Russia academic cooperation on the Arctic and North-related issues: Participatory observations” – Assistant Professor Juha Saunavaara and Marina Lomaeva, Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center
11:20 MSK/17:20 JST – Professor Alexander Pilyasov, Faculty of Geography, Lomonosov Moscow State University
11:20 MSK/17:20 JST – Q&A. Discussion on the potential ideas for future Japan-Russia collaborations.
11:50 MSK/17:50 JST – A short wrap-up, thanks to speakers.

Contact: Victoria Devdariani
Coordinator for Russian-Japanese Joint Office at MSU, Head of International Relations Department (History Faculty at MSU)
moscow_office(at) (Please rewrite (at) to @)
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